5 Reasons to Update Your Website

Monday, 29 July 2019

So, you’re thinking of updating your website? You’ve had the same page for the last five years, and it’s familiar, yes, but also a little dated. Here are five reasons to take that step and update your website.

  1. Your website is a reflection of your business, and you want your visual appeal to reflect who you are and your goals as a company. Especially if you are considering re-branding or you’re updating your mission statement. Having a design visual that is professional and credible is essential for the success of your website.

  2. In the UK we are spending more time on our smartphones than on our laptops or PCs. Having a responsive and mobile-friendly design is essential to retaining potential first-time customers who may be deterred that is not adaptive to the small screen. Responsive web design and easy navigation across all platforms improves the overall user experience for your customers.

  3. You get the opportunity to re-assess how you communicate with your customers. Keeping your copy fresh and engaging draws potential customers further into your site. Updating your website is the perfect excuse to create new copy that is simple, clear and effective.

  4. SEO is the big name in website development and ranking. If your website is not optimised and kept up to date, you will find yourself slipping down the search engine rankings and disappearing into the darkness that is the second page of Google. If your content has been the same for the last five years, Google crawlers may begin to believe that it is no longer relevant to those key search terms and you may lose your spot in the sun.

  5. Once you’ve taken that first step and created a fresh new website, it is now easy to update as you go along. Website made through a content management system such as WordPress or Umbraco allows you to update without having to know any of the complicated coding. So, your content continues to be relevant, fresh and consistent with your goals

We know updating your website can be daunting. Here at Boomerang, we are excited to be launching our new, dynamic website TODAY! It's been a long road and a lot of hard work, but we are very impressed with the result.

If you’re interested in discussing your website call us on 01635 517 517 or email hello@boomerangcreative.agency

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