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Saturday, 18 May 2019

In our last blog, we talked through how you segment, target and position to create your target market,, and now you’re ready to develop your consumer persona.

Consumer personas are a great way of knowing how to market to your target audience. They help you create consumer-centred communications because you know exactly what your consumers’ wants and needs are.

Follow our step by step to create your consumer persona:

  1. Choose an age for your consumer. In the segmentation stage of our last blog, you picked an age range, but now select the age of someone you think would be a typical consumer. You can choose a name based on popular names for that age.
  1. Now choose the location of where your consumer would be typically based, this can be as specific as a town or as broad as a county. This also gives insight into the average income for that area.
  1. Add a profession to your consumer persona. What does your consumer do for a living, and how would that affect what they choose to buy? Adding a job also gives insight into your personas salary.
  1. Choose your personas educational path. Did they go to University? What did they study? What were their grades?
  1. What are your persona’s interests? Add in all the interests a typical consumer would have, as this gives insight into what would persuade them to buy your product or why they would benefit from having your product.
  2. Finally, add what your persona spends their money on. This should include everything that comes from the salary you have given them, like rent, bills, and food, right through to Spotify subscriptions…

Now you have a picture of a typical customer. This means when you start to create your strategy, you’ve decided your position in your target market as well as a consumer persona to base your communications on.

As you start to develop, you can include more and more details on your consumer persona. You may decide from your targeting, and you can have more than one persona, creating a different persona for each target market if this would work for you.

Understanding who your target market is something we can help with and creating you pieces specifically for your consumer personas. We’re experts in bespoke marketing material, and we’d love to work with you!


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