Don't Rebrand, just restyle!

Monday, 12 September 2016

Rebranding isn't just changing your logo, and the rebranding process can involve a whole heap of changes, from the way your company/product/service positions itself in the market to adjusting its core values, key advertising tactics and its visuals.

There's never any guarantee that a rebrand will work and produce the desired results, and on top of that, it can take up a considerable chunk of your marketing budget. If your brand is already well known, you risk losing the firm recognition that you already have in the market, which could be a big step backwards.

If you want a new look for your business, why not just have a restyle rather than a whole rebrand? Restyling your logo can make a massive difference, and big brands such as Mastercard and Deliveroo have done just that with great success. Mastercard, who have one of the most recognisable logos worldwide, have a new visual identity that is strikingly similar to the logo we all know and recognise, retaining its old familiarity while also bringing it into the digital age.

Even the most subtle changes can make a massive difference to your brand identity. A font change in your logo or a different colour in your colour palette can all be instrumental in giving your branding a fresh new look!

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