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Wednesday, 8 May 2019

Getting the best from your digital strategy means you need to know who your target market is. Creating a consumer persona for your product or service means you have a greater understanding of who you’re trying to connect with, and what marketing styles would suit them best.

Creating a consumer persona takes a lot of knowledge on your customer base, so here are three steps that could help you start understanding your target market better.


This is the first step, where you take the 7 billion people in the world and start to understand what segments you’ll be selling to. This is typically based on age range, gender, location, behaviour or social groups, but it’s the process of creating groups of customers who have similar needs or wants.


Targeting is the process of deciding from your segments if your company has the skills and capabilities to serve everyone in these segments. You’d look at what segment is the most attractive to market to. Which would be most profitable, or which segment has great potential to grow.


Once you know where you want to sell to, you need to position this to your audience. This is where you figure out how you’re going to place your product to your target audience and persuade them to buy. Focus should be on your marketing channels to suit your targeted segmentation, as well as your presentation of your product. Now you have your target market and ideas into your marketing approach, and you can create your consumer personas by imagining what your target market consumer would look like. You’ve just segmented your audience to those that would suit your product, but now you want to create a profile of an actual consumer.


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