The Basics of Business for Instagram

Friday, 30 August 2019

Following on from last week’s post exploring business for Facebook, this week, we’re going to be diving into Business for Instagram.  Instagram is full of photos of food, fashion, furry pals and friends with over 500 million active users posting daily and spending an average of an hour a day scrolling, liking, commenting and posting.  


This is one of the best places for a business to be. According to Mention, 50% of Instagram users follow at least one business account from their profiles, increasing brands exposure massively. Over 20 million companies around the globe are making the most of using an Instagram business profile and for a good reason. On Instagram, engagements levels are always at a high, whether people are commenting, liking or sharing.

Let’s get down to the basics here: what is the difference between a personal and business Instagram account? A personal account allows you to take and post photos, sharing stories and connecting via direct messages. A business account allows you utilise extra features the average Jane or Joe won’t have access to. Contact info! Yes, a business account doesn’t just allow you to add your email, office address and phone number but also features ‘call to action’ buttons. Shown at the top of the profile, they allow followers simple contact shortcuts, and a phone call is a click away. Also, at the top of the profile, the business account offers a ‘category’ feature, summing up for new followers what field or genre your business is.

Now the big guns, Instagram insights! This feature will be a business’s new best friend, alongside sales and profit! Insights allows for the account holder to view how content is performing in many ways; Interactions, profile visits, website clicks, reach, impressions, calls and emails. This allows businesses to monitor how they’re doing on a daily to weekly basis, seeing if they need to change anything or enhance what they’re already doing. The benefits to insights are plentiful, keep your eyes peeled for an insights dedicated blog!

But let’s get real, if your profile isn’t up there with the top dogs, the customers won’t come flocking. Therefore, it is essential to optimise your profile to the best it can be whether this be through overhauling the account bio using a comical brand voice and emoji’s or keeping followers up to date with interactive stories and highlights.
Let’s also not forget about the beautiful world of ADs, Instagram business profiles allow for posts to be promoted, photo ads, video ads and carousel ads which pop up in Instagram stories.  The ads appear on timelines of accounts who are not yet following the account, drawing them to follow or purchase products.


Lots to take in, but Instagram can be a great marketing asset for your business. So, if you’re already on Instagram, then update it to a business account or if you’re new to this get started now. On this blog, we will endeavour to get you started with digital marketing and will continue next week with another post. But if you want to have one to one chat on how digital marketing can work for your company give us a call or drop us an email to book a meeting.

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