The Basics of Facebook for Business

Tuesday, 20 August 2019

Ok, Facebook the big name in social media! Most everyone and their aunt are on it, sharing pictures of their lunch and congratulating that niece on her A-level results. Well done girl! But it can be so much more than a glorified family album, especially for businesses.  Social media giant, Facebook, is used on average by 1.5 BILLION USERS A DAY. It’s no wonder there are 7 million plus active users treating Facebook as an advertising and marketing platform. But why would a business want to join Facebook?

Digital Marketers utilise a broad range of social media platforms as their primary marketing tool, each with their purpose and audience. Marketers can deliver valuable content to their target audience, that users will consume and can share to their networks which will, in turn, increase their exposure and broadens customer reach. How are businesses reaching their target audience, you ask? Allow me to explain.

If you’re familiar with Facebook, you’ll know that each personal account can be completed with a lot of personal information like your date of birth, where you went to school, your marital status etc. To the discerning marketer, you know this means DEMOGRAPHICS! With all this information readily available, marketers can focus their efforts on an audience that already has a pre-existing interest in their service.

Imagine you are Boutique Wedding Dress Shop in Camden, you can use Facebook demographics to target Women in the Greater London area with a relationship status of Engaged. I mean this is every marketers dream cut through the crowd and find your bride! Sound good? Well, here’s where to start…

Business pages

Firstly, the basics! Facebook offers businesses pages that give users plenty of space to showcase who they are and what they have to offer. This is your digital shopfront so merchandise this as well as you would your front window. The profile and cover photo are the first thing the audience comes across and therefore is vital to incorporate the branding of the business to create a professional image. The description section of the profile provides the opportunity to pitch your business in a few simple sentences, enough to engage and inform but short enough not to bore.

Now that your set up you can start communicating with your customers. Creating a conversation on Facebook is one of the most effective marketing tools for a business to use.  Posts can be used to leave audiences with ideas to discuss in the comments or messages section of the site, creating a more personable B2C relationship.

Let’s step it up a gear. You’ve got your business page, your talking to your customers but let’s broaden your audience. Promoted posts are a popular tool on Facebook frequently used by businesses pages allowing marketers to boost their posts through paid advertising to ensure it reaches that desired demographic we talked about earlier. This could increase your readership from a couple hundred to a few thousand.

Facebook Ads

Facebook ads is another tool that is commonly used by business profiles. Ads are flexible to suit your budget and can be tailored to ensure you are reaching your demographic. Customising a Facebook ad to work alongside your marketing goals is easy as the platform allows users to choose the objective, audience, location, budget and format of the add.

Once you’ve set one up, your ad will appear in the newsfeed of your audience, on both desktop and mobile. It is often shown alongside social actions that people associated to the page have taken. For example, alongside your ad they might see a list of people in their network who already like your page as such providing social proof for your page.

As you can see, Facebook can be a fantastic tool for digital marketers to reach their desired audience with a targeted post that will increase your reach and hopefully your conversion. It may be a bit daunting, but here at Boomerang Creative, we offer a digital marketing service that can support both through the setup and the maintenance of your business page.

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