Our favourite 2017 projects

Our favourite 2017 projects

2017 is almost over. The Boomerang team have been really busy over the past 12 months, building website after website.

We thought we would round up the financial year with some of our favourite Web Design and UX/UI features that we are most proud of.


Parallax on Holly Mills

Holly Mills Parallax Scroll Effect

As you land on the one page website for Holly Mills, you can see a parallax scrolling effect that draws your attention to the logo and branding, and Holly herself, mid-jump.

Parallax scrolling is a multi-layered image effect while scrolling horizontally or vertically, that you might remember from 2D video-games, like Mario.

This composition and special effect are a good way to let the user know what the page is about, experiencing it from the first moments of their visit.


Carousel on Hadley’s Hairdressing

Carousel on Hadley’s Hairdressing

Galleries are great – but we knew when building the new website for Hadley’s Hairdressing that we wanted something more interactive. We created a carousel which shows one image in focus at any time, whilst the other images have a sepia effect and are blurred out.


Design and branding of Wau

Wau website on tablet

The power of colour should never be underestimated! Wau is a fun and friendly place to enjoy authentic Malaysian street food, and we created an incredibly vibrant brand to reflect their businesses culture. The design is friendly, warm, and exciting and will be recognised wherever it is seen. Wau has definitely been one of our favourite projects this year!

The initial Wau brand idea


We are excited for what 2018 will bring! If you’d like to discuss your project with us for next year, please email us on hello@boomerangcreative.agency. We’d love to meet you!

Tudor Sfatosu

Front End Web Developer

Thursday, November 16, 2017 10:59:13 AM

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Thursday, February 28, 2019 9:31:37 AM

Segmentation, Targeting & Positioning

Segmentation, Targeting & Positioning

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Thursday, February 21, 2019 2:43:00 PM

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