The Boomerang Bake Off results!

The Boomerang Bake Off results!

It’s no secret that we are all massive foodies in our office, and when the Great British Bake Off graced our TV screens once again we were all keen to hold our very first Boomerang Bake Off.

We decided to keep it simple for our first round of Bake off, and we quickly chose cake or biscuits as our challenge. We decided to hold our bake off judging weekly on a Monday, because let’s be honest – cake makes everything better, including Monday mornings!


Sarah E (better known to us as Saz) braved going first, and made salted caramel topped chocolate brownies. The smallest of the offerings, the little brownies scored 22.5/30 overall.


Holly was second and baked a beautiful lemon drizzle cake, complete with fresh slices of lemon on top. This was a huge hit with the team, with most people going back for seconds! The lemon drizzle scored 25/30.


Anna made cinnamon apple flapjacks which went down a treat on a cold Autumnal Monday! These little beauties scored 27/30.


Michelle was next, and she was the first – and only – member of Boomerang to bake us some healthy treats! She made oat cookies with raw cacao, goji berries and desiccated coconut. These sugar free and gluten free treats scored 21.5/30.


James is dairy and gluten free and wasn’t expecting his cake to go down well with the team at all. However, he baked a beautiful carrot and walnut cake with a cream cheese filling. It went down a storm and the team had demolished the cake in just 2 days! James’ carrot and walnut cake scored an impressive 27.5/30.


Tudor was up next, and he wanted to create something quintessentially British so chose to bake us a Victoria Sponge. This cake was a favourite of the team and was the perfect ‘pick me up’ on a Monday morning, scoring 25/30.


The last baker – but definitely not the least – was Sarah, who baked salted caramel and fudge cupcakes. The presentation of the cupcakes was exceptionally good, with some of the team questioning whether they were shop bought! Sarah’s cupcakes scored 27/30.


Congratulations, James! The dark horse of our bake off became our Star Baker and won with his delicious carrot and walnut cake. We enjoyed our #BoomerangBakeOff so much that we’re doing another round – next time with savoury goodies!


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Thursday, October 19, 2017 2:18:22 PM

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