The importance of colour in branding

The importance of colour in branding

Many years of research has shown the impact that different colours have on thoughts, feelings and perceptions. That’s why it’s so important that you choose carefully when thinking about the visual aspect of your brand identity. You must think far beyond your personal preferences and think about the colours that will represent your brand in the most positive light.

So, what do Boomerang’s colours mean to us and our clients?

RED – Passion, excitement, enthusiasm and energy. Red is a bold, energetic and lively colour that can symbolise strength, confidence and power.

ORANGE – Fresh, youthful, creative and adventurous. Blending the warmth of red and the optimism of yellow, orange communicates activity and energy. Orange is often associated with fun and vibrancy which suits Boomerang as an energetic brand!

YELLOW – Optimistic, cheerful, playful and happy. Yellow is most often associated with sunshine, which always puts a smile on people’s faces.

We are proud of our branding and the way it portrays us and our business - we are fun, enthusiastic, creative and adventurous, and our striking logo plays an important part in telling our story. So, what thoughts and feelings do other colours provoke?

GREEN – Natural, vitality, prestige and wealth. Pick your shade carefully as brighter greens indicate growth and nature, whereas darker, deeper greens represent prestige, wealth and abundance.

BLUE – Communicative, trustworthy, calming. Blue is the most universally preferred colour, perhaps for its versatile qualities. Many businesses use blue to convey reliability, trustworthiness and communication (Twitter, Facebook and Samsung all use blue). 

PURPLE – Royalty, majesty, spirituality and mystery. Purple is traditionally associated with royalty, majesty or nobility but it also has a spiritual and mysterious quality. Darker shades often represent opulence and wealth, whereas softer, lavender shades are feminine and nostalgic.

BROWN – Brown is heavily used now in the age of natural and organic products. Nature inspired, it conveys feelings of being grounded and earthliness.

PINK – Pink has been stereotypically classed as a feminine colour for many years. However, like most colours, pink is quite diverse and the level of intensity can impact its meaning. From “girly” pale pinks through to sentimental deep, dusty pinks and romantic light pink, there are numerous options to choose from.

Are you ready to inject some colour – and personality – in to your brand?

Choosing the perfect colour for your branding isn’t easy. It’s so important to get it right to ensure that your business is portrayed in the correct way. We’d love to work with you to create the perfect brand to represent your business, or to refresh your current brand and give it a new lease of life.

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Friday, June 1, 2018 11:34:46 AM

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