To Apprenticeship or not to Apprenticeship

To Apprenticeship or not to Apprenticeship

Whether you are leaving school, sixth form or college an apprenticeship is a career path to consider. If like many you were told throughout school that university is the be all and end all, an apprenticeship proves otherwise.

I’m the Junior Graphic and Web Designer at Boomerang Creative. Being an apprentice in the design industry has allowed me to learn invaluable skills in a ‘real life’, design agency environment. I have the added bonus of having my own portfolio of genuine clients, which wouldn’t be the case if I had studied at University.

Whether you learn within the workplace or go to college for a set number of days a week, learning on the job is one of the most effective and valuable ways of developing skills and getting into a job role and industry successfully.

Although apprenticeships can appear to be like gold dust, an increasing number of companies are beginning to provide the schemes within a wide variety of industries and professions. Becoming one of the more popular ways to start a career, apprenticeships are starting to be one of the main employment titles worldwide.

Not sure if you will be able to find an apprenticeship within your chosen industry? Think again - almost every career path can be taken on as an apprentice, no degree needed. Taking appropriate subjects at school, college or doing training outside of education with a foundation of knowledge in relation to the apprenticeship you are going for is something employers will want to see.

I’m certainly glad I have chosen this path.

Apprentice Graphic and Web Designer


Thursday, April 27, 2017 2:00:00 PM

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