Watch your tone!

Watch your tone!

Businesses are so much more than an office, spreadsheets and endless cups of tea. What makes your business unique is your people and their personalities. Your business should have a personality too!

Each time you create an advertisement, update your website copy, publish an article, or update your social media channels you are showing your brand voice. A company communicates its brand to its customers by the way it behaves, but most importantly, by the way it communicates particularly in written form. This tells customers “this is us – simple”.

What does your managing director repeat? What is the ethos of your company? How do you want your business to be perceived? A business could have a really cool product, great staff and a fun working environment, but if that isn’t portrayed correctly in written communication to an audience and you choose a corporate tone, the personality of your business isn’t going to shine through and neither will your brand.

Identify your tone – and stick to it

A tone of voice is not just the type of language you use, it’s also the length of your sentences, the humour, the rhyme and rhythm. Consistency is key in every aspect of a brand, but particularly in your tone of voice. It wouldn’t make sense to switch between corporate, professional and business-like to colloquial and humourful with no explanation.  Developing and maintaining a consistent tone is the only way to create a cohesive voice across all of your marketing efforts.

Your brand voice builds trust in your business. People like familiarity – and a familiar and consistent voice will help people feel more at ease, and therefore build trust in your company or product.

Things to avoid

No matter what tone of voice you use for your business, there are some common things you need to avoid completely:

Don’t swear

Just don’t do it, you risk offending and alienating potential customers and it makes your business seem unprofessional, damaging your brand reputation.

Don’t get political

It’s easy to voice an opinion, but all opinions on anything political should be neutral for a business. Again, you run the risk of alienating potential customers if you take a strong political stance.

Don’t reply in haste – remain professional

The only thing worse than not responding to negative feedback is responding inappropriately. Properly handling criticism is essential to help convert a negative brand experience into a positive one, protecting your reputation.

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