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Dyslexia Decoded

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Dyslexia Decoded is a new and innovative programme of workshops, where parents of dyslexic children can learn to support their child through understanding both their strengths and challenges.

Boomerang created new branding, marketing, and promotional material that worked across both online and offline communications. We commissioned a collection of playful and memorable illustrations that helped to convey the founder's beliefs that discovering a child is dyslexic shouldn't be a traumatic experience and viewed in a positive light.

Supported by a robust social media campaign and PR in local newspapers, we have exceeded our client's expectations to help launch her new business and empower parents of children with dyslexia.



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logo for dyslexia decode designed by boomerang creative
mac comptuter displaying the dyslexia decoded website home page
iphone showing the mobile design of the dyslexia decode website the workshops webpage
iphone showing the mobile design of the dyslexia decode website designed by boomerang creative
opened magazine with a dyslexia decode advert on a blue background
illustration of robot trying a diagnostic
illustration of a girl with backpack carying books and climbing stairs made of books
illustration of a boy reading a book encountering the homework monster
business cards for dyslexia decoded designed by boomerang creative
illustration of a girl flying on a blue sky with white clouds banner for dyslexia decoded for the private tutoring webpage

"The brilliant Boomerang team delivered a comprehensive package for my new venture. They helped with the development of my gorgeous logo and branding, fantastic website, a social media campaign as well as producing fabulous, effective adverts and marketing. The personal service, flexibility and attention to detail was outstanding. They listened to my ideas, gently guided me through the process, involved me in decisions and offered excellent, professional advice throughout. The end result is unique and original, with exactly the right look and feel I was aiming for. I am absolutely over the moon!"

Kim Wyrley-Birch - Company Owner

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