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Lakeside Superbowl

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When BDZ Leisure acquired Lakeside Superbowl, the premises went under extreme refurbishment. Boomerang took on the task of designing a completely new brand that would rejuvenate and invigorate the offering. We designed a brand that was bright, attractive and eye-catching for the bowling alley, as well as designing sub-brands for The Jungle Soft Play center, Zachary's Gin and Cocktail Bar and the Lounge, venues which are all housed within the bowling alley.

Working closely with the BDZ team who refurbished the bowling alley, we created a new website, the interior design for all 4 venues, the exterior signage, print and social media graphics.

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lakeside superbowl website on laptop
lakeside superbowl girl in yellow with jeans before bowling with pink overlay
lakeside superbowl poster
lakeside superbowl the jungle
lakeside superbowl pins with blue overlay
lakeside superbowl art
lakeisde webiste mockup on two mobile phones on a pink background
the lounge blue neon sign for lakeside superbowl on a brick wall with dim light
giant bowling pin art wall decoration on a wallpaper with coloured bowling pins for lakeside superbowl in thatcam newbury by boomerang creative
party time wallpaper on a blue painted wall and colourful festive decoration for lakeside superbowl in thatcham newbury by boomerang creative
lakeside superbowl the grand opening
lakeside superbowl logo
lakeside superbowl offer

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